3830 Pacheco Blvd,
Martinez, CA. 94553
(925) 228-2929

3830 Pacheco Blvd,
Martinez, CA. 94553
(925) 228-2929


Never been here before but I needed a Star certified smog check and this place made it easy!
Upon calling to ask some questions, I was given courteous and accurate information. I mentioned the $10 off coupon and it was confirmed that it would work with my vehicle.
When I got there, the check in process was quick and methodical. The next thing I know, the car is done, and I'm ready to go. With the Yelp coupon check in, it came to $50.
Fantastic customer service and highly recommended!

Brian H.

Awesome, fast service to get my "California Air Tax" paid! These guys are my new favorite smog place.

Zach L.

Excellent service, fair price, and a speedy smog test.... So, we all hate having to get smog certification, but these guys made it painless and quick. I was literally in and out within 20 min from the time that I arrived. In fact, I spent less than half the time I that spent at another facility that offered appointments.

Ron R.

Took my mom's Lexus in for a smog and the crew is great. Very nice and polite. Although it took a little longer than the usual 10 minutes, it was still very quick. To be fair, I was about 3rd or 4th in line.
Keep up the good job!

John Y.

Through multiple experiences they've always been reasonably quick and very reasonably priced.

Johnathan Y.

Fastest Smog I have ever had. Great location and AMAZING customer service. You can definitely trust them to get you smogged easy! Thanks for the help today guys.

Zach C.

Need a smog? come here, no brainer.
I personally witnessed the person in front of me had a check engine light, instead of running it and failing the guy the tech came out and informed him that it would be an auto fail if he wished to continue and even pulled the codes for him to let him know what to take care of. He was happy that he didnt waste his money I was happy that I get to go next with no wait. Everybody wins. My personal experience, the staff was knowledgeable, paperwork was short, smog was done very promptly, they said 20 minutes but it felt like 5, afterward the receptionist informed me of the outcome as well as what numbers the DMV needed and next steps. Everything was automatically sent to them and I just need to go online finish the registration. Awesome guys that put a smile on my face.
The facilities does include a restroom, seating, and light refreshments.

Harold W.

They were fantastic, reasonable price (esp with discount) and boy were they fast. I went in near closing and was out inside of ten minutes..maybe five. Customer service and professionalism was on point as well.

Stephanie P.

Fast, friendly service. I've been here twice and had minimal waiting both times staff has been friendly. It's small and nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

Julie M.

I thought they were joking quick. That's how quick. It was the easiest and most affordable smog check I've ever had.

Rae j.

No other place I'd go for a smog check! Always friendly and accommodating!! Called 20 minutes before closing and no problem waiting until I arrived. It's why I keep coming back!

Kimm L.

Great experience. No games about the coupon and pricing, it's clearly posted when you walk in. I was in and out in 15 minutes and there were two people ahead of me. Will definitely go back next time I need a smog.